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Council Capital Announces Formation of Behavioral Health Training Organization

Council Capital Announces Formation of Behavioral Health Training Organization

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 21, 2018) -

Nashville-based Council Capital has taken ground-breaking steps in creating the United States’ first comprehensive educational service for the behavioral health industry. The new parent company, Triad Behavioral Health, strategically aligns well-known behavioral health education brands, AATBS, Academic Review, Taylor Study Method, and Smart Practitioner, focused on providing a full suite of exam preparation, continuing education, and career services. Eric Keen, General Partner with Council Capital stated, “Triad Behavioral Health brings together these prestigious brands under one umbrella. We are working to help the industry reach new heights in support of current and future professionals' educational needs through all phases of their career. Our goal is to meet the growing demand of equipping and supporting behavioral health professionals has never been more important than today.”

With the growing focus on behavioral health and its impact on downstream medical expense and societal improvement, the field of well-trained, licensed behavioral health practitioners is projected to see increased demand over the coming years. Triad Behavioral Health was created to help fulfill this growing demand and to support current and future behavioral health professionals.. Offering over 40 years of experience, Triad focuses on providing practitioners with the necessary information and ability to be influential contributors in the field, raising the bar in their communities. For these reasons, Triad consistently updates its services to meet the ever-evolving requirements of its market. "Those within behavioral health, with all their distinctions and specialized needs, require current content and access to subject matter experts. We continually maintain, update and improve our educational products to meet our member's needs," stated Triad CEO Glenn Eaton.

Triad Behavioral Health has committed to using the most current technology and research to deliver learning products and career services in the behavioral health market for individuals, institutions, and organizations. Triad’s goal, according to Chief Learning Officer Dr. Graham Taylor, is to offer a multi-faceted scientific research approach to unify the learning process. “We’re extremely delighted to bring this wealth of knowledge under one roof,” Dr. Taylor says. “Each brand has done extensive research to further the industry, giving providers an opportunity to better serve their clients. We currently have a wide array of subject matter available in licensure exam prep, continuing education, supervisory support, and career services. We plan to continue expanding the materials that we offer while opening up to new audiences.”

Triad Behavioral Health has launched a new website to share its learnings and expertise, The website details each of Triad’s brands, along with their unique learning styles and formats.

The Triad Behavioral Health Board of Directors combines 120+ years of business knowledge and industry experience to redefine behavioral health services and education. “We’re constantly looking for ways to make the life of those working in behavioral health easier,” stated Chris Bennet, Chairman of the Triad Behavior Health Board of Directors. “Exam preparation, continuing education and career services are vital to advancement within this field. The knowledge we share with those within behavioral health can position an individual for prosperity and lower a practice’s overhead while enhancing care for patients.”

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